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Adjustable Dashboard Mounting, and Desktop-Stand Kit with Universal Adaptors for Virtually Any Device

The StrongHold (ISSH73) Smartphone mounting kit can be used for your desk or for your car. Our universal adaptor can transform any smartphone hard case into a StrongHold compatible mount. Position your smarphone in portrait or landscape mode to make viewing maps, music or other content safer and easier. The large 270 degree base range of motion allows for nearly limitless mounting options.

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Product Features Include:

  • Includes:
    • 3 universal mounting adapters
    • Super-adhesive pad that ensures a firm grip to any flat surface
    • Sleek metal desk stand
  • Unique "Z" design allows you to view song info and maps safely
  • Sturdy, reliable construction withstands even the roughest of rides
  • Built-in adjustment tool keeps all moving joints tight and secure
  • Integrated wire holder keeps cables within easy reach for reconnecting
  • EZ adhesive mounting base with 360 degree rotation
  • Adjustable View
    • Large 270 degree base range of motion for almost limitless mounting options
    • Almost 220 degree device rotation for perfect view
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