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11-Foot Docking & Charging Cable for the iSimple GateWay
  • Compatible with any FM equipped radio
  • Converts digital audio to analog audio
  • output from iPod, iPhone, iPad, or Samsung S4
  • Provides charging at 2.4A
  • RCA Audio/Video Connector Cable with Wireless Remote for the iPod, iPhone or iPad
  • Compatible with any Audio / Video RCA input
  • Wireless remote control
  • Seamless connection between iPod or iPhone for Select Vehicles
  • Keeps the factory radio intact
  • Secondary input for use with other portable audio devices
  • Digital FM Transmitter for Smartphones, MP3 Players and Other Portable Devices
  • Programmable tuner
  • 3.5mm audio jack
  • 24k gold plated connectors
  • Digital FM/RDS Transmitter for iPod and iPhone with Included USB Car Charger
  • Compatible w/ any home or car FM radio
  • RDS Support
  • RCA Audio/Video Connector Cable for the iPod or iPhone
  • Fantastic audio and video playback quality
  • Supports battery charging for iPod or iPhone
  • Universal Car Integration Kit for the iPod, iPhone or Other Audio Devices
  • Compatible with any factory or aftermarket FM radio
  • Charges iPod & iPhone
  • Bluetooth enabled, application controlled, FM or analog audio transmitter
  • For Android Devices
  • Universal Car Integration Kit for Smartphones, MP3 Players, Tablets and More
  • 3.5mm audio input
  • USB charging port
  • All-In-One Car Connector Cable
  • Aux-in port Compatible
  • RCA Audio/Video Adaptor for the iPod and iPhone
  • Battery charging on dockable models of iPod or iPhone
  • Car Radio RCA Audio Connector Cable
  • Maintains the look of car entertainment system
  • Battery charging on all dockable models of iPod or iPhone
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