TranzIt LINK
Lightning Connector directly to car radio
  • The TranzIt LINK provides a universal integration solution for any iPod, iPhone, or iPad using the Lightning Connector
  • Play music, navigation or internet radio through your car speakers.
  • One single connection powers, charges, and plays audio from your phone.
TranzIt BLU HF
Wireless Bluetooth audio to any car radio
  • Using Bluetooth with your Smartphone's Voice Recognition (Siri or Google Now) you can initiate hands-free calling.
  • Integrates your smartphone with any car stereo.
  • Makes it simple to enjoy your phone's features without wires.
  • Touch the TranzIt BLU HF control button to activate the voice recognition.
Access your music, calls, texs, and navigation through your car radio
  • Hands free access to your smartphone
  • Wireless Connection
  • Play music or internet radio from your phone
  • Connects to your existing steering wheel controls
  • Our newest smartphone connectivity solution
Connect your phone to your car - Wirelessly
  • Enjoy hands-free calls
  • Charge your device with included USB connection
  • Works with smartphones, tablets and media players
  • View and control your device from your factory radio
  • The next generation of connected car solutions
Make Your Factory Radio Smarter
  • Works with your factory radio
  • Digital quality music from your iPod or iPhone
  • Browse your playlist and library through your standard radio controls
  • Song, Artist and Album information on your radio display
  • A CES Innovations Award winner
Safely and securely holds your devices
  • Safe and secure mounting
  • Quick and easy placement and removal
  • Available for most devices
Featured Product
  • Seamless connection between any model iPod or iPhone for Select Vehicles
  • Keeps the factory radio intact
  • Secondary input for use with other portable audio devices
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Featured Accessory
  • Acoustical horn design improves volume while maintaining quality
  • No batteries needed
  • Portable and durable
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